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Blood supply of Spinal cord

Comprehensive Vascular Overview: Explore the arterial and venous supply of the spinal cord, featuring the critical Arteria Radicularis Magna.

Educational Insight: Perfect for students and professionals, this video provides a detailed look at spinal vascular anatomy and potential clinical implications.

Interactive Learning Experience: Engage with diagrams and expert commentary to enhance your understanding of spinal health.

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The 2 major blood vessels supply the spinal cord are both branches of following

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Following are segmental arteries which give rise to radicular arteries that help fortify
the blood supply to spinal cord except:

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The Anterior longitudinal arterial trunk supplies the following part of spinal cord:

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Following are features of the artery referred to as Arteria radicularis magna except:

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Regarding blood supply of spinal cord following is true except:

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