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Carotid Triangle: Anatomy, Boundaries, and Clinical Relevance

The video “Carotid Triangle: Anatomy, Boundaries, and Clinical Relevance” by VB Anatomy, hosted by Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe, covers:

  • Overview of Carotid Triangle: Discusses the Carotid Triangle’s place within the Anterior Triangle of the neck, its boundaries, roof, and floor.
  • Detailed Anatomy: Explores the contents of the Carotid Triangle, including the Carotid Arteries, Internal Jugular Vein, various nerves, and Deep Cervical Lymph Nodes.
  • Clinical Relevance: Highlights the clinical significance of the Carotid Triangle’s anatomical features.
  • MCQ Segment: Includes interactive multiple-choice questions to assess understanding of the topic.

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