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General Anatomy of Bone-2

The video “General Anatomy of Bone: Part 2 – A Comprehensive Overview with Dr. VB #anatomy” by VB Anatomy, presented by Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe, covers the following key topics:

  • Cartilaginous Ossification: Explains the transformation from cartilage models to bone, focusing on primary and secondary centers of ossification.
  • Development of Long Bone: Highlights the formation process of long bones from cartilaginous models to mature bones.
  • Parts of Long Bone: Distinguishes between diaphysis, epiphysis, and the significance of epiphyseal cartilage.
  • Blood Supply of Long Bone: Details the various arteries involved in the blood supply of long bones, including nutrient, periosteal, metaphyseal, and epiphyseal arteries.

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