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Posterior Triangle: Applied Anatomy

The video “Applied Anatomy of the Posterior Triangle: Insights & Clinical Relevance with Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe” by VB Anatomy, presented by Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe, covers the following key topics:

  • External Jugular Vein: Discusses its formation, tributaries, and clinical significance.
  • Clinical Syndromes & Points: Covers Subclavian Steal Syndrome, Erb’s Point & Erb Duchenne’s Palsy, Klumpke’s Paralysis, and Scalenus Anterior Syndrome.
  • Lymph Node Classification: Explains the categorization for block dissection of the neck, including Radical Neck Dissection, Extended Radical Neck Dissection, Modified & Selective Radical Neck Dissection.
  • Interactive MCQs: Engages viewers with multiple-choice questions to test comprehension of the neck’s complex anatomy and its clinical applications

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