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Spinal Cord Anatomy: Extrapyramidal tracts

In-Depth Functional Insights: Explore the roles and functions of extrapyramidal tracts with Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe, focusing on tracts like the rubrospinal and reticulospinal.

Motor Control and Movement: Understand how these tracts contribute to involuntary reflexes and movement control in the human body.

Neurological Significance: Learn about the clinical importance of these tracts and their implications in various neurological disorders

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All the following are extrapyramidal tracts except:

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The following pairs are correct except:

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The decussation of fibres of Red nucleus is called as:

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A truck is moving at a fast pace on the road. Seeing a young lady trying to cross the road, the driver of the truck honks the horn loudly. The lady turns her head to look at the oncoming truck. Name the tract primarily involved in this action:

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The medial longitudinal fasciculus connects the following cranial nerve nuclei together except:

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