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Spinal cord: Internal Organization

Dive deep into the heart of the spinal cord with Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe in “Spinal Cord Internal Organization,” the latest installment in our comprehensive Central Nervous System Series. With over 25 years of anatomy teaching experience, Dr. Bharambe offers an intricate look at the spinal cord’s internal structure, explaining its complex components and functions.
Spinal cord: Internal Organization The neuron’s structure and function, setting the stage for understanding the spinal cord’s organization.
Detailed analysis of gray matter, including its various parts and roles within the spinal cord.
Exploration of white matter, its components, and how it facilitates communication within the nervous system.
The significance of the central canal and the overarching architecture of the spinal cord.
Whether you’re embarking on your medical education journey or looking to refresh your knowledge, this lecture provides a solid foundation in understanding the spinal cord’s crucial role in the central nervous system.

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Following organelles of neuron cannot be found in the axonal process:

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The following statement is true:

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The Spinal cord passes through:

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The following structure transmits information from the spinal cord to the distal part of the body to bring about some action:

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The tail end of spinal cord is anchored via the following to the coccyx bone:

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