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Anatomy of Lesions of Spinal Cord-Part 1

UMN vs. LMN Lesions: Understand the key differences between upper and lower motor neuron lesions and their impacts on motor control.

Spinal Cord Tracts: Learn about crucial spinal cord tracts, including pyramidal and extrapyramidal pathways, Ascending pathways and presentation of their lesions.

Clinical Conditions: Explore conditions like Brown-Séquard syndrome and Complete cord transection, and their neurological outcomes.

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The following is true in an Lower motor neuron lesion

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Lesions of dorsal column tract shows the following except:

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In case of Brown Sequard syndrome following is true except

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In case of complete cord transection in the upper thoracic region, identify the incorrect statement:

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The patient was brought after a massive road traffic accident presenting with the following signs and symptoms. Babinski sign positive on the right side. Monoplegia of right leg. Loss of pain sensation in the left lower limb. Lower abdominal reflex found normal. At what vertebral level is his injury and on which side?

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