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Spinal cord: Pyramidal Tract + Lesions

Delve into “Spinal Cord Pyramidal Tracts” with Dr. Vaishaly Bharambe, exploring voluntary motor control’s complexities. Understand the pivotal role of Pyramidal tracts in movements. Gain insights into the origins, pathways, and functions of corticonuclear and corticospinal tracts within the pyramidal system. Explore the impact of lesions in pyramidal tracts on motor function, essential for students and professionals in medical fields.

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1.Following are layers of meninges that surround the spinal cord except:

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Normally Lumbar puncture can be carried out in the following space:

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The following is true about the number of segments of spinal cord and the region where they are found:

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Following are direct supports of the spinal cord except:

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In the spinal cord you can find following number of plexus groups:

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